#1 Budget by Paycheck | Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly
#1 Budget by Paycheck | Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly
#1 Budget by Paycheck | Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly
#1 Budget by Paycheck | Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly
#1 Budget by Paycheck | Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly
#1 Budget by Paycheck | Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly
#1 Budget by Paycheck | Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly

#1 Budget by Paycheck | Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly

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If every time you get your paycheck, it disappear faster than you earn it, this Budget by Paycheck template is for you!

Works for any payment period, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or any other irregular timeframe.

Unique Features:
Rollover any amount left from the previous paycheck
Up to 40 Customizable Categories per Group
FREE Bill Calendar included
✅Use it for Multiple Years
Select your currency with one click
Super easy to use
Compatible with all devices
Includes both, Excel & Google Sheets
Your data is 100% Safe & Secure

Join over 50,000 users who have improve their financial life with a tool that actually works.

With just one-time payment you get:

  • Both: Excel & Google Sheets
  • FREE Lifetime Updates
  • FREE Bill Calendar
  • FREE Extra Template
  • Instructional Videos/Guides
  • Instant Delivery to your email
  • Currency changer
  • All devices compatibility

Are you struggling to manage your money and make it last until your next paycheck? 

Our Budget by Paycheck is here to ease your money worries. Say goodbye to the struggle & to sleepless nights wondering where your money went.

This simple tool works with your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly paychecks. Just plug in what you earn and spend. It keeps track for you, so you stay on top of bills without stress. Managing your money has never been easier!

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✅Manage up to 40 different incomes and more than 40 categories & subcategories

✅Works with your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly paychecks

✅Effectively break the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

✅Helps you plan & budget efficiently

✅It's proven to Reduce Financial Stress by looking at the clear picture


Personalize your budget your way! Make your money management tool uniquely yours. Choose what matters most to you, from colors to labels, and effortlessly organize your finances in a way that makes sense for your life.

becoming the best version of yourself has never been easier


❌ Paycheck to Paycheck Lifestyle
❌ Falling behind payments
❌ Not saving for Emergencies
❌ Living to Impress others
❌ Spending Frivolous and Excessively


✅ Controlling the impulse spending
✅ Paying all debts on time
✅ Savings for emergencies and Goals
✅ Credit cards paid off monthly
✅ Having an effective financial plan


Once the payment is confirmed, you will get an email with your purchase and the access links.

If you want to use the Google Sheet version, it will be copied to your Google Drive. All you need is a FREE Google Account (Gmail).

If you want to use the Excel version, you will download it to your device.

Note: Save the delivery email to access all your future updates. 

YES! You can select your currency symbol in just one click!

NO! It is a one-time payment for your template and you will get all future updates 100% FREE!

YES! It is compatible with all devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.

You need to decide on the software of your preference, Excel or Google Sheets, and access it through your web browser or downloading the Excel or Google Sheets app on your device.

YES! 100%! Your data is yours, we do NOT have access to it.

In addition, you are inserting numbers and texts, but no password or account information is needed in order to use the template.

Google Sheets and Excel contains strict security protocols as well to avoid your data be accessed by anyone else.

In summary, your data is more safe and secured that using any traditional budgeting app.

We suggest the most faster & easier method which is downloading the bank statement in CSV format from your bank and pasting in bulk to the template. We provide detail instructions on how to do it, is super simple!

Another option inserting it manually one-by-one. This option is better to control your impulse spending and record every transaction at the moment it happens.

INSTANTLY! Once your payment is cleared, you will get an email with your access links.

Payment is cleared instantly, however, in some rare circumstances the payment could be delayed a few minutes before it clears.

Note: Save the delivery email to access all your future updates. 

You just need one of the following:

For the Google Sheets version you need a FREE Google Account (Gmail).

For the Excel version you need the Microsoft Excel software installed in your Laptop or Computer. We recommend Excel 2013 or newer version.

BOTH! You will get access to both with your purchase. You are free to choose the one of your preference.

Yes! We provide an Excel version that can be downloaded to your device.

NO! You just pay once and all future updates are included for FREE!

Yes! You can setup your own category and subcategory names, you can use your own currency, and also you can setup your own account/assets/debts names or nicknames.

In addition, you are able to change colors, font, or choose a default theme and customize it with just one-click.

Modifications of formulas are not recommended. However, you can add new tabs and create your own formulas in there.

This template is for personal use only, no commercial rights are given with the purchase. For more information, read our Terms of Service.

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