#1 50/30/20 Budget Guide
#1 50/30/20 Budget Guide
#1 50/30/20 Budget Guide
#1 50/30/20 Budget Guide
#1 50/30/20 Budget Guide

#1 50/30/20 Budget Guide

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It's your template, so make it yours in your way. Customize colors, font, and more according to your preference and needs.


Your purchase includes both, one Google Sheet File and one Excel File. You can use both!

One the payment is cleared, you will received it instantly to the email provided. If you have problems locating your purchase, make sure you check the spam folder in case it landed there. If you still need help, contact our customer support team.

One-time fee payment and it will includes all the future updates for both versions: Excel & Google Sheets. 

As soon as your payment is cleared, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your unique download page. From there you will have access to all your purchased templates.

Note: Save this email to access all your future updates. 

For the Google Sheets version you need a Free Google Account (Gmail). If you don't have one, you can create a Free Account here: https://accounts.google.com/signup/

For the Excel version you need the Microsoft Excel software installed in your Laptop or Computer.

Your purchase includes the following:
(1) Email with a unique link to your access page
(2) Google Sheet Version
(3) Excel Version
(4) Instructions on how to copy the Google Sheet Version
(5) Sample to view the data filled up
(6) Instructions on how to use the template effectively